Our tumbling classes provide a fun and safe environment to learn new skills while promoting fitness, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Beginner Tumbling

(Level 1)

Want to learn how to DEFY GRAVITY?! You have come to the right place. In Level 1 there are no prerequisites, no experience required. Your athlete will learn a Forward roll, Backwards roll, Handstand, Cartwheel, Roundoff, Bridge kick over, Front walkover & Backwalkover. Don’t be overwhelmed, we also teach them how to stretch properly and get super flexible Because being limber is SO important! A little conditioning here and there and we have ourselves a Great level 1 class!

Back Handsprings

(Level 2)

Congrats on Level 2! You’re ready for Back Handsprings. Or maybe you need to brush up on that series? Either way, this class is PERFECT for the beginner or experienced Level 2 athletes. You will not only learn a Standing BHS.. you will learn a standing series, Roundoff BHS, Round off Series, Front handspring, Dive rolls, and some combo Elite tumbling passes.

Advanced Level 1

(Intro Level 2)

You’re on a ROLL! In this class, athletes will focus on strength. The advanced level 1 skills being Front walkovers and back walkovers. We introduce athletes to back handspring drills and standing BHS’s.

Advanced Level 2

(Intro Level 3)

Are you ready to start tucking? come join this 2/3 combo class and get your round off BHS tucks in no time. We will focus on tuck technique and make sure your level 2 tumbling is perfect to start tucking.